Financing R&D

Accelerated R&D grant funding for Australian SMEs

Mobilise cashflow to advance growth

The R&D Tax Incentive program is the Australian Government’s main vehicle for encouraging industry investment in R&D. To promote R&D expenditure it provides refundable tax credits (43.5%) to eligible entities on their R&D spending each financial year.

However, the lead time from when R&D expenditure occurs to when companies receive their rebate (from the Australian Tax Office) can often be greater than 12 months. This has obvious constraints on cashflow and your company’s ability to fast-track products and services to market before others do.

How does R&D funding work?

We provide loans upfront using future R&D tax refunds as security. However, we don’t provide equity finance because it’s a dilutionary measure that adds risk.

As long as you qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive program, we can access the R&D funding incentive for you, rather than wait 12 months for your rebate. We structure loans to a maximum 80% LVR of an R&D cash rebate for typically 9-18 months, with repayment coinciding with the expected rebate payment from the

Free your focus

The R&D tax incentive allows you to match your cashflow to R&D requirements without having to raise additional equity capital, thereby diluting the business. It’s less costly than equity, enabling you to fast-track R&D and improve your products and services. It’s a process that takes considerable focus and is better spent pursuing your research and development initiatives.

Our team of specialists offer genuine support and expert insight. Get fast access to capital and to a team of investment partners committed to your company’s future. Growing a business is demanding and we bring that understanding along with us to support your growth.

Approvals, timing and release of funds

Our process is simple, efficient and fast. If you’ve claimed before and are familiar with the process, timing is naturally accelerated. Funds can be available at best within 24 hours but this does vary depending on your borrowing history.

We offer tailored release of funding to suit your company’s needs—whether that’s monthly, quarterly or biannually—it’s entirely up to you.

How much could you access?

As an example, if your company predicts $1 million in R&D expenditure, this could generate $340,000 in finance.

We offer tailored release of funding to suit your company’s needs—whether that’s monthly, quarterly or biannually—it’s entirely up to you.

Are you eligible?

If you’re a business operating under Australian law, or under foreign law but reside in Australia for income tax purposes, then you’re eligible for R&D grant funding. For individuals, corporate limited partnerships, exempt entities or trusts, you’re not eligible.   

There are several asides to every situation and we can help identify yours.

For quick assessment, use the calculator below.

Asymmetric eligibility evaluator