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About Us

Accelerating the growth of SMEs

Asymmetric Innovation Finance provides all-inclusive research and development (R&D) financing solutions to eligible Australian SMEs, including application preparation or review by in-house tax specialists and submission to the ATO R&D Tax Incentive Program, as well as bespoke loan packages to best suit borrowers’ cashflow requirements.

Our services

R&D Finance

Asymmetric Innovation Finance is an Australian-based investment management group specialising in private lending opportunities to SME companies. We identify, analyse and structure short-medium term debt investments to capitalise on opportunities where traditional financers are not focussed due to industry sector, deal size, or timing constraints.

We originate through our extensive and unique relationship network to create and invest in lending opportunities underpinned by contracted cash yield and seniority in the capital structure and / or asset backing by a mix of high-quality receivables, assets and cashflows. Research and development financing is a particular example that meets our strict criteria and Asymmetric is very active within this space.  

Research & Development Finance

What is it?

The R&D Tax Incentive program is the Australian Government’s main vehicle for encouraging industry investment in R&D. To promote R&D expenditure it provides refundable tax credits (43.5%) to eligible entities on their R&D spending each financial year. However, the lead time from when R&D expenditure occurs to when the companies receive their rebate (from the Australian Tax Office) can often be greater than 12 months. Asymmetric Innovation Finance (AIF) provides loans to eligible entities upfront using their R&D Tax Incentive rebate as security.

Asymmetric Innovation Finance provides R&D Finance to eligible Australian SMEs that qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive program. We structure loans to a maximum 80% LVR of a R&D cash rebate for typically 9-18 months, with repayment coinciding with the expected rebate payment from the ATO.

The Asymmetric Edge

Why US?

Asymmetric commenced R&D financing in 2013 and were one of the first lenders in the sector.  Our team all have direct experience in financial markets, including credit, derivatives, equity sales and trading, accounting and taxation.  In dealing with emerging entrepreneurs and innovators, Asymmetric identified ways in which we can assist companies in managing their R&D expenditure, optimize cash flow and mitigate the need to pursue expensive and dilutionary equity capital.

Asymmetric Innovation Finance expertise includes tax specialists to further streamline all of our R&D loan offerings.  Keeping this function in house eliminates the need for third party accounting services and expedites the process for both innovators and investors alike.

Accelerating Growth

How we do it?

Asymmetric R&D financing not only provides capital but also access to a team of investment partners committed to the future success of your company.  We understand what it takes to grow a small business and have networks to support that growth both on and off shore.


We look forward to the opportunity of discussing how we can help accelerate the growth of your business.

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